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Battery and Charging System for vehicle

Battery/Charging System Service in Eugene, Springfield, and Junction City



The battery and alternator are the heart of the electrical system, and today’s vehicles demand more and more power to supply voltage to all the accessories, bells, and whistles. The alternator is the device that delivers electricity to the battery. There is a voltage regulator built into the alternator to only provide the current when    it is needed and to not exceed the electrical system limits. Too much current can cause serious damage to electrical components and shorten battery life. At Sun Automotive, we test the battery for capacity to hold a charge. We also test the alternator to see if it  is producing enough current to keep up with the demands of the electrical system, and we test to see if there is current being drained off of the electrical system when the vehicle is not running. These are called parasitic drains and will eventually run down the battery if they are excessive.



When replacing either a battery or an alternator, it is critical to replace them with the  proper one. Cheap batteries with little cranking power or capacity may fit in the  space for the battery, but can be completely inadequate for the needs of the vehicle.  Alternators need to be able to produce enough voltage to service the systems, as well.  Higher capacity batteries and alternators are  always more expensive and it can be  tempting to substitute lesser quality component. Don’t make that mistake, as it almost always costs more to correct further auto repair problem downs the road.

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