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Fuel Injection Service in Eugene and Springfield

A fuel injection service is one of the best auto repair services we offer that improves performance, increases mileage, and reduces emissions.

How does it work?

As fuel flows through an injector, it comes out in a vaporized form so when the spark plugs fire, a complete combustion process occurs, burning all the fuel. Over thousands of miles, deposits build up on the injector nozzle that opens and closes in as little as two milliseconds, and can become so dirty that liquid fuel will dribble out, wasting fuel, because the liquid fuel does not easily burn. A thorough cleaning of the injector will reduce the waste of fuel, thereby increasing mileage, reducing emissions, and increasing performance. Occasionally we see an injector that is so dirty it can’t be cleaned and has to be replaced. This can be an expensive repair, especially if multiple injectors are bad.


How do we do this?

We disable the vehicle’s fuel pump and connect a machine that acts like a fuel pump. The engine then runs on a very high detergent solution that cleans the injector orifices, fuel rails, valves, and piston tops. A by-product of this service is that the injection fluid also helps clean carbon deposits off the top of the pistons and valves. Carbon deposits on valves and pistons can be the source of rough idle and pre-ignition. Severe pre-ignition will eventually damage the engine over time.

Fuel Injection System for Automobile
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